Now Affinity Works for over 40 Local Authorities

May 24 2016

Over 40 local authorities across the UK have recognised the opportunity to achieve both improved service delivery and cost-savings with Affinity Works, since the company's launch just over a year ago.

Some clusters are embracing collaboration and sharing social care procurement data via Affinity Works' Data Hub to highlight anomalies and identify best rates across their region, others have outsourced management of their social care eMarketplace to Affinity Works, enabling them to focus on core strategic service development.

Affinity Works combines deep experience of the social care sector with expert support to provide an intelligent and flexible service to local authorities. As a result, the company's portfolio is expanding to encompass new areas, such as collating and providing analysis of cross-borough temporary accommodation data for the whole of London.

Affinity Works also continue to work closely with the West London Alliance in the support and development of its market leading CarePlace portal. CarePlace continues to extend the breadth and depth of its service provision, currently rolling out eBrokerage solutions for both Adult and Children's Services across many of its constituent boroughs.

Director Tom Knight says, "This breadth and depth of experience enables us to provide leading edge expertise and support to public sector organisations that are under increasing pressure to achieve greater efficiencies and deliver better services."

...with a fresh approach

Public sector care organisations are under increasing pressure to achieve greater efficiencies and deliver better services, despite rising demand and reduced funding. We think it's time for a fresh approach.

Drive Performance up and Costs down


Harness the Power of Collaboration

Closer collaboration allows local authority clusters to combine their expertise, share their costs and pool vital information to create a powerful engine for change.

Release High Value Information

Specialist services and game-changing software deliver immediate access to powerful, high value information across the cluster.

Achieve Direct Cashable Savings

Co-operation between public sector care organisations realises tangible, quantifiable benefits - including improved service efficiency and reduced costs.


How Affinity Works


Data Hub

A secure data sharing environment that harvests data related to social care purchases across a cluster. Harmonises provider, care category and client group descriptions to create easily accessible information that can be shared, analysed and leveraged. Facilitiates rate comparisons, highlights anomalies and supports future negotiation, purchasing and policing across the cluster.


A public facing, cross-cluster information discovery solution. Combines service provider offerings with information and advice to create a convenient single reference resource for citizens seeking social care provision or support in-line with the Care Act. Comprehensive geographical coverage maximises opportunities for market engagement, while shared software and a single support function drives down costs.


Where Affinity Works...

Our Data Hub and Directory solutions are the same as those that underpin the highly successful WLA CarePlace implementation, which supports the largest Local Authority cluster in the UK, handling social care spend across 19 London boroughs and through collaboration releasing year on year procurement savings of over £10m.

Affinity Works Feasibility Studies have now been completed or are underway with clusters of local authorities across the UK.

We can prove that Affinity Works for you too...

By undertaking a Feasibility Study based on care purchasing data from across your cluster we can provide a clear evidence of just how well Affinity Works. The Feasibility Study will demonstrate the scale of potential savings and will include specific itemised examples of where adjustments can be made. A recent study across just four local authority partners confirmed potential cashable savings in excess of £2m per annum.

1. Data Processing

Data Processing

Care purchasing data extracted from systems within your cluster will be cleansed and harmonised allowing common Service Categories, Service Providers and Service Types to be aligned.

2. Analysis


Harmonised data will be loaded into a copy of the Data Hub and subjected to meticulous analysis. Results of the analysis will be presented back to the cluster including a total estimated 'savings envelope' and specific worked examples of where savings can be realised.

3. Live Test Site

Live Test Site

Time-limited access will be provided to your own fully operational Data Hub system. Allowing you to interrogate and analyse your care purchasing data and benchmark your performance against defined criteria.


Why Affinity Works

Affinity Works is the brain child of Tom Knight and Richard Wellings, whose partnership brings together deep experience of the public sector and in particular of health and social care. Tom and Richard both have proven credentials in the implementation of high innovation solutions and a shared reputation for delivery of measurable benefits based on multi-agency collaboration through technology.

Affinity Works too because of the great software that it exploits. The Data Hub and the Directory are based on solutions from our technology partners, Oxford Computer Consultants. Robust, agile and built for purpose, OCC software is used widely in the sector and has been specially configured by Affinity Works to support our fresh approach for social care.


Senior Team

Tom Knight

Tom Knight

Richard Wellings

Richard Wellings

Our System Partners

Oxford Computer Consultants

Oxford Computer Consultants


The latest word from Affinity Works

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